Our teeth are protected by alveolar bone, and after we lose a tooth, the alveolar bone starts to dissolve away due to the process of resorption. So when we decide to replace a missing tooth, the first thing that the best dentist will check is the condition of your alveolar bone. If the alveolar bone has been completely dissolved, then the outcome of a prosthetic replacement tooth in a fixed bridge will be significantly large.

We At radiant dental clinic provide a pain-free and less time-consuming bone grafting solution to treat the condition of bone resorption and provide you with a natural looking teeth.

This process usually involves packing the socket of the tooth with socket graft that prevents the further resorption of alveolar bone. Apart from that, a bone grafting can bring back the height and width of the alveolar bone. With the process of block cortical graft, the deficient area is packed with a solid piece of bone and attach it with a fixation screw.

Materials used for bone grafting:


They are prepared with powdered human bones that are easily available in tissue bank and are properly sterilised during usage.


They are prepared with the bone of animals instead of cow and serves the same purpose.


They are made from synthetic material like Beta Tricalcium Phosphate that are perfectly safe and as strong as a natural material.

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