Best Laser Root Canal Treatment in Chennai

The purpose of root canal treatment is to repair and save the tooth that has decayed, infected and as a consequence abscesses have been formed. In this type of treatment the affected pulps and nerves are removed, the tooth cleaned and sealed to make it functional by following standard procedures. The removal of the pulp and nerve inside the root canal do not impair the functioning of the tooth significantly except loss of sensation.


Basically, the root canal is a cavity formed naturally within the center of the tooth. When the pulps and nerves are damaged, harmful bacteria start multiplying within the pulp chamber of the tooth. The abscess generated inside the tooth ultimately reaches the root, o reach other parts of the body. The infection of the root canal variously gives rise to swelling of the face, neck and head; bone loss around the tip of the root, or drainage problems that may affect the gum, etc. Root canal treatment does not cause excess pain or discomfiture as believed by some. However, all precautions are taken to make the patient feel comfortable while carrying out the procedures.


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Root canal treatment is highly successful and the rehabilitated tooth can even last for the lifetime of the individual. The best root canal specialists in Chennai at Radiant Dental Care are qualified and experienced enough to solve any root canal problems with high precision through perfected procedures followed nationally and internationally.