Best Laser Dentistry in Chennai


By laser dentistry, dental oral problems such as crank sore and cold sore, root canal infection, gum diseases including gum inflammation, gum reshaping, biopsy, wisdom teeth exposure, regeneration of damaged nerves and removal of benign oral tumor, etc. can be treated with high level of success.


Dental surgeons and doctors use laser treatment procedure as it causes minimum discomfort and requires reduced time of recovery for the patients. Usually, in laser treatment, anesthesia and sutures may not be required like the conventional treatment. Laser sterilizes the gums lessening the chance of infection or excess loss of blood.


Depending upon the situation, a patient undergoing laser treatment may be given lesser amount of anesthesia or sedative to calm down, if required to undergo laser treatment. The patient does not feel discomfort like in case of the traditional drilling procedure. It also results in far less bleeding, if compared with that of scalpel surgery. More so, in laser procedure, the post-operation irritation is minor.


The hard tissue laser treatment is suitable for detection of dental cavities, sensitivity of the teeth, and to prepare the teeth of the patient for dental filling, etc. Similarly, the soft tissue laser is used to lightening of the crown, correction of restricted tongue movement, reshaping of the gum and to remove folds in oral soft tissues, etc.


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