Best Dental Implant Clinics in Chennai


Dental implant procedure deals with replacement of defective tooth roots with metal screw like posts. It is also suitable to replace damaged and missing teeth with artificial teeth that look like real ones. It is an alternative to denture or bridgework, required for reasons of inconvenience to the patient or having recurring problems with the existing arrangements.


Involving several procedures, dental implant is decided on the basis of the types of implants necessary and the condition of the jaw bone. Successful dental implant provides good support to the teeth and may take few months to heal to become fully functional. Through surgical procedures, the implants are joined with the jaw bone. These implants are fused so that they remain firm, do not slip, and make noise or cause unnecessary damage. A major advantage of dental implant is that the implants do not weather away like the natural teeth, thereby lasting long.


Patients who have one or two missing teeth, have full grown jaw bones, have sufficient bones to secure the implants, have healthy oral tissues, have no health conditions that may adversely affect the healing of bone, unwilling to use the denture or wanting to improve speech and have enough time for the surgical procedures and healing, etc. are considered to be fit subjects for dental implant.


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